Rail Safety Summit 2024

Premier Pits have been manufacturing and installing pits for over 35 years, with 4,000 pits installed to date. The range includes inspection, maintenance, rail, ATF and washdown pits, all supported by various pit accessories and H&S equipment. Under-chassis, wash pits and ramps are also available.

Vehicle maintenance workshops across the U.K and worldwide are being transformed by the installation of prefabricated, steel pits. Premier Pits, the creators of the concept over 35 years ago, continue to make design improvements, add new features and options as well as improving installation methods.  

Premier Pits are also the UK distributor of BrakeMate®, a revolutionary new product for the workshop which eliminates the lifting of heavy brake calipers and hubs, and keeps the lifting of discs to a minimum, along with dramatically cutting downtime during brake disc maintenance. Brake disc servicing is traditionally a two-person job due to the heavy lifting involved, however BrakeMate® allows a single user to complete the whole process whilst saving up to 1 hour per disc. Other technicians are now free to complete other jobs more efficiently, meaning further time savings.