Rail Safety Summit 2024

Tended is changing the face of rail safety by combining behavioural science with revolutionary technology.

Founded in 2017, Tended has grown into an internationally recognised and award-winning deep-tech startup. We’re reinventing the way technology and behavioural science are combined to improve safety on the railway, helping to ensure everyone returns home safely at the end of the day.

The next generation of positioning wearables built to improve safety and prevent accidents

Every year, track workers are fatally injured while working on the UK’s rail network. One local incident with a track worker can disrupt the entire national rail network with emotional, human and financial costs.

Tended’s geofencing technology helps to ensure the safety of every track worker so that businesses can deliver safer, more efficient projects. Our solution helps keep workers within safe working limits and away from hazardous areas. No prior onsite set up or local infrastructure requirements means businesses can rapidly deploy the solution, saving valuable project time and costs.

Recognising that between 80-90% of occupational accidents are caused by human error, Tended focuses on human factors and places behavioural science and psychology at the forefront of product design. The wearable’s alerts are designed to nudge workers into safer behaviours, helping to promote safer decisions and actions. Dashboard analytics provide breach statistics that help formulate evidence-based safety improvement policies.

Winner of Engineering and Safety at Rail Innovation Awards 2022

Winner of Best Cross-Sector Potential at Energy Innovation Awards 2022