Rail Asset Management Summit 2018

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Rail Safety Solutions Ltd (RSS) have more than 100 years combined experience of delivering Track Warning Systems (TWS) and Safety Critical and Contingent Labour. The RSS brand name is synonymous with TWS, in particular and Automatic Track Warning Systems (ATWS), Semi-Automatic Track Warning Systems (SATWS) and Lookout Operated Warning Systems (LOWS).

As part of their safety orientated philosophy, RSS also supply Magnetic Barrier Fencing and Magnetic Points Run-Through Boards as part of their ‘magnetic suite’. The suite offers the latest innovation in workforce safety and thus highlighting their commitment to workforce safety.

Through their partnerships with Zöllner and Schweizer Electronic, the two largest manufacturers of Track Warning Systems, RSS has become the UK’s largest independent provider of ATWS, SATWS and LOWS services. Additionally, the increased need for Adjacent Line Open (ALO) working, combined with the realisation that the use of ATWS, SATWS and LOWS can increase safety whilst planning Safe Systems of Work, means that our clients can be sure they receive the highest level of appropriate protection method.

RSS aim to provide their clients with a comprehensive package that meets all of their rail safety requirements. They endeavour to support their clients in completing all projects on time and to the required specification and budget. With their help businesses will be able to access all of the benefits and cost savings, as well as guaranteed safety, that are necessary to successfully deliver rail projects both on a regional and national basis.

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